Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Meet Jared. He likes blowing bubbles in his girlfriends face... :)
So glad my roomie, Kelsey, was able to catch this touching moment... Hahah
P.S. Happy Valentines Day! I'm soooo excited... Tucanos here I come :)

Monday, January 30, 2012

Once upon a time, there was a boy who made a girl really happy.



Maybe one day there will be a picture to post??? Haha

Some exciting news... on one of many dates with mister handsome, I tried sushi :) and liked it.. and actually ate it. :) GOO MEE. 

Other news... School is hard but it is great. I love what I am learning about :) I hope I get to continue on with Dietetics :) It is a challenge but I am sure it will be worth it!

Also... I stink at blogging ;)

Saturday, December 3, 2011

The Wonderful Tricks to Pass a Test...

So I have this really cool chemistry class. I also have these really cool friends in it that I sit by everyday. There names are Arielle and Shelyse. :) 
One day maybe Ill have a picture of all three of us.
But today I sadly don't.
But what I do have a picture of is this...
This is Arielle, Shelyse and my creation.
Have YOU ever had to memorize the ten enzymes in Glycolysis?? Well.. I bet you wish you figured this one out!!! We were pretty proud of this accomplishment. And I am pretty sure this helped all of us on our test!

Through my first semester at BYU, I have learned a few things regarding studying for tests and school in general.
- You have to make it fun... Like the above picture.. or it wont be fun to see your grade at the end!
-You have to make friends. And then you make study groups. So what if you get distracted in the study groups a little bit? You have fun. Which then associates fun with dumb subjects like chemistry.. cough cough. and then Chemistry ... becomes... fun :0
-If you are a little tired and are afraid you might fall asleep in your class, eat chocolate. 
-Don't flirt with boys you don't like. [haha... this should be obvious... I know..]
-Don't forget about assignments just because they are due on Friday night! Ugh.. Definitely one of my biggest regrets ever!
-Memorize your syllabus that has due dates and such. Life becomes a lot easier when you know what assignments you have and when they are due!!!

What am I even doing?? I'm talking as if my first semester is over.. and yet.. its far from over. Four finals approaching and just waiting to come attack me. Please pray that I survive. 
One thing I have been taught that has helped me a little bit is this. God can't help you if you haven't studied. And if you are at a limited time, it will be okay. Pray that He can strengthen and multiply the worth of your time. You will be more efficient and prepared if you do this. Or... you could just not procrastinate :) haha. I love school no matter how hard it is! I'm so grateful for the opportunity to be here and I know it is what I am meant to be doing!

Thanksgiving :)

 I was so excited for Thanksgiving this year! I have never needed a break from school so badly! Its kickin my booty! But its okay, only a few more weeks and I can start the process ALL over again!! :)

So I made this super long list of things to do before I could leave for Thanksgiving Break and I just had to share the list because I felt so accomplished when I was able to cross off EVERYTHING on the list. :) I love making lists for the joy of being able to scribble the heck out of it once I'm completed!!! Here it is... Isn't it beautiful????

Another happy thing about Thanksgiving Break... I get to see my amazing family :) Here is Marla... I have missed her soooo much! She is such a sweetheart and has grown up so much since the last time I saw her. She even knows how to steal my mothers phone, take a picture of herself, and send it to me with a message on it, all without even mentioning to my mother that she has her phone! hilarious :)

Another reason to love home. The beautiful... yes, I did say beautiful... fridge full of unlimited soda to drink. You may wonder where my unhealthy obsession comes from.. Well... Here you are! haha
 I love this boy! He didn't really want to take a picture with me... He would of rather played basketball with me but I convinced him to take one haha... He is adorable :)
 Everyone kept saying, hey look! its Justina 1 and Justina 2! haha I guess I look like her more now :) Love seeing her as well :) Shes got another baby on the way!! YIPEE :)
 Lil miss Eva :) She is freakin adorable.. She loves our dog and being able to feed her treats. And she finally likes to take pictures with me and hug me!! It was so cute.. She came up to me once or twice from behind and just started hugging my legs.. I would follow this by saying.. Eva do you think  I'm your mommy??? lol she would immediately withdraw and go to her mom and do her super cute shy face. Haha I love that girl :)
 This was my Mothers amazing creativity to entertain all the grandchildren. Bowling with squash and pumpkins!
I wish I got to take pictures with everyone but it was a pretty busy week so I didn't exactly have time!!! But I loved Thanksgiving and as always, it made me realize what a wonderful family I have! I am thankful for an amazing family :)

Friday, November 18, 2011

I absolutely love this quote and thought I should share it :) Its pretty much perfect for me!
Happy Friday :)

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

To quote a movie who also quotes a song...
"I wish life were like a retro pop song. 'I want you to want me' Boom, end of story. We all live happily ever after. But its never really like that is it."


the end... :]

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Family :)

I got to see my family this weekend!!!! Here are some pictures :) It was so fun! And I also bought another jacket.... hehee. We ate a ton of food too... probably not too good but oh well :)
 me and stina :)
 surprise visit from tayman :) took me to olive garden!!!
 I showed Justina the beauty of Broccoli hair haha.
Janie, Me, Brandon, Justina and Jessica :)
SUCH A FUN WEEKEND :) I loved getting a break from school to relax with them!